Lucid in London

I Get Tired

Posted in Personal by It's Lucy! on February 16, 2011


Sometimes things are easier than they should be and sometimes, you know, they’re not. Life really is beautiful, isn’t it? It is. Sometimes. Apart from those days when it would be really nice to be somebody else. Or stay in bed for hours and hours and not move or think or type or speak, just sleep.

No, but it really is.

Beautiful, I mean.

Life, that is. It really is.

Sometimes it really is. It could always be better though.

If I had a little more money. If I was skinnier. Had my own flat. A nice and caring boyfriend. A job that would make me a little more fullfiled. A dog would be nice too. Or you know, more time to sleep.

If I could do it all over again, I think I really would go to med school.


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